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The new JDM Apparel brand

We are Tuned Out, a Dutch company whose focus is on creating high quality, unique looking apparel and products for the true nighttime runners and connaisseurs of JDM and Japanese cars.

Our main goal is to create clothing that is genuinely good. We spend a lot of time, thought and effort to make sure that our clothing is the best it can be. We employ talented artists that know what they are doing and who can bring our vision to life. Our clothing itself is of the highest quality and all fairly sourced, providing those who confect the base clothing with a good and honest liveable wage. We’re not a fan of ‘print-on-demand’ clothing items or offering cheap, low quality garments with sub-par printing methods just so that we can sell them with the highest possible profit margin. All of our products are also in-stock from the beginning and are being handled and shipped from our office/warehouse in Cuijk, the Netherlands. 

We don’t really fill a void in the market by offering JDM/Japanese car tuner scene clothing since there’s plenty on offer, but we do offer quality, something that seems increasingly rare. We go beyond the average and mundane, and venture far into excellence. Our clothing reflects that. 

We try to distinguish ourselves from other brands by putting more thought and overall detail in our clothing. We make use of woven patches, 3D embroidery, Direct-to-garment printing, 3D PVC patches and other decorative methods. All these elements combined creates a unique looking clothing item that embodies our vision. We want you to wear our clothing with pride and as often as possible, and you’ll only do that when it’s perfect. After all, you take care of your car, so why not yourself too?

Epic Car Events (ECE)

Our collaboration with Epic Car Events allows us to create even more unique clothing items while simultaneously helping out a fantastic JDM/Japanese car events/meetings organizer. We’ve been attending their meetings, events and tours for quite a while now, and we can’t think of anyone better to share our love of quality apparel with, then them.  

Epic Car Events has been around since 2016 and now has members and participants from all over the country and even the whole of Europe. Some of the nicest rides (and people!) are part of the ECE community, making them a sight to behold when they roll (or burnout) through the streets. 

If you want to know more about Epic Car Events to see for yourself what they are all about, then visit their instagram page, @EpicCarEvents